Launching Clojure Workshops in Denmark

For the last three years I’ve had the privilege to work using Clojure with some of the best programmers London has to offer. Now, I’ve moved back to Denmark and although I’ll be far away from the great guys at uSwitch that doesn’t mean that the Clojure love has to stop.

London is a great place to be if you’re into Clojure (or new exciting tech in general) but that doesn’t mean that only people in London should get to enjoy the benefits of writing clear, simple programs using a language that is clearly sent to us from outer space by some superior reptilian space overlords. That’s why I’ve launched the first (of hopefully many) Clojure Workshop here in Denmark. It’ll take place October 26 + 27 in the beautiful city of Aarhus, there’ll be breakfast, lunch, coffee, tea, cake, fruit, and, most importantly, lots and lots of Clojure! I’m really looking forward to sharing what I’ve learned and help people think differently about how they write and think about programming.

I’m limiting the amount of participants to ten people to make sure everyone gets maximum yield out of the day. I’m pricing the workshop fairly cheaply (by Scandinavian standards - welcome back to the taxes!) so I hope to see some keen future Clojurians come along for the ride! You can sign up and read more about the workshop on Eventbrite.

As you can imagine I don’t have a massive marketing budget so if you know anyone you think might be interested, let them know it’s happening and that I’m a super nice guy. They will have a great time - promise! If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact me, preferably through twitter.

Help me spread the Clojure Love to Denmark!

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